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Services We Provide

We offer free in-person estimates and analysis of your particular situation. Each tree is different, and safety factors will vary depending on location, integrity of tree, proximity to buildings and dwellings, as well as surrounding land features. We will do our best to give you an honest assessment of what you need based on your unique situation. For this reason, we do not regularly do phone estimates. We value your safety as well as our own and will do everything in our power to safely remove or fix your problem tree.

We are fully equipped with bucket truck, skid steer (loader), grapple truck, chipper, as well as plenty of equipment for the smaller jobs. We can cut, trim, and carry away, so your yard can get back to normal in a short amount of time, with no clean-up for you!

Want to clean it up yourself? We can work with that as well, offering as much or as little service to you as you need.

We offer Dead-wooding, Crown and Canopy Thinning, Crown and Canopy Lifting, Vista Pruning, Crown Reduction, and more! Not sure what all these terms mean? No problem! Let us explain them to you, discuss it, and then do what will be best for your tree!

In our pruning, we endeavor to preserve the natural beauty of the tree, while still solving your problem!

BEFORE picture–tree that needed thinning to provide more room for growth and to prevent crowding
AFTER–tree limbs have much more room for growth, and the natural beauty of the tree is maintained.

Stump Grinding
Whether you have existing stumps or stumps from a recent removal from us or someone else, we can remove it for you.

Chipper Service
If you decide you want to take out a tree and need help cleaning it up…we can help. We are flexible and will help in anyway we can.

Tree Removal

  • Dead Trees – A dead tree can be a real problem if not taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Thinning of Trees – A landscape setting may look much better if one or more trees are removed.
  • Dangerous Trees – Anything that could be a hazard to your house, cars, outbuildings etc.
  • Diseased Trees – It may be better to remove a diseased tree rather than try to nurse it along. Any or all of the above listed can be removed with safety.

Storm Damage
Having worked hurricane Sandy in New York, the ice storm in South Carolina, and most recently Hurricane Irma in Florida, we saw firsthand the damage that can be done by Mother Nature. In the unfortunate event that you have storm damage, please give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible to safely and quickly deal with the situation.

Other Services
Landscaping: we can help you with most landscape issues as well. We have a good source of trees and other shrub type material.
Fruit Trees and Bushes: We can get fruit trees mostly in the Spring but have a good source for blueberries and many other types of fruit that can be ordered and planted anytime of the year. We enjoy doing different landscapes that involve fruit, herb gardens (culinary, medicinal and biblical themed) and other non traditional landscapes, limited only by your imagination. Call us today to see if we can help!!